Effective Business Letter Writing

Everyone that owns a small business needs proficiency in writing business letters, whether the owner of the company writes the letters or an employee writes the letters.

It does not require a course at a business school to learn to write effective business letters. It does however require a basic knowledge of correct grammar and punctuation.

When sending a letter promoting your business, you want to make sure that you print it on company letterhead. You can do this yourself with the help of Microsoft Word or you can have letterhead printed for you by a printing company. I even use a copy of my letter head when writing business emails.

Initially, you need to draft a test run of what you want to say to prospective customers. Once your thoughts and words are completed, get it in print!

You want to start your letter with terms such as “Dear Customer” or “Greetings” or “To whom It May Concern”.

Your first paragraph should introduce yourself and your company. You should also include what your company does in the first paragraph.

Your second paragraph should give your prospective customer a detailed explanation of the service or product you are offering. You want to be descriptive but also a little illusive so they will need to contact you back for more information.

Your third paragraph should describe any time restraints on the offer you proposed in paragraph number two or even your starting price for your services or products. I feel it it is better to state a starting price for fees so that the prospective customer will have to contact you back for more information.

Your final paragraph should be a thank you for the prospective customer taking time out to read your information and a contact name and number for them to respond to if they are interested in more information.

Finally, end your letter with “Sincerely”, “Yours Truly”, “Respectfully Yours” or “Cordially”.

Finish with your name, your title, your company name, your phone, your fax, your email and your web address if you have one.

You only have this opportunity to give every bit of information to your prospective customer so state every means of communication you have.

Michele Graham, CEO and Owner of Professional Healthcare Management, has been in the healthcare industry for 41 years and has been in various businesses for over 25 years.