Direct Mail Marketing Pieces for Mobile Oil Change Business

Is direct mail marketing a smart play for on-site mobile automotive services businesses? Should a small business with one, two or many mobile units advertise through direct mail marketing? In fact this is a very good question, which over the last 27-years I have experimented with and found much success.

You see I founded a few mobile on-site service companies and set up franchises in 23-states and learned quite a bit about how to make direct marketing work for our teams. One successful mobile oil change entrepreneur asks me; “I tried a direct marketing piece that alerted to the fact that we would be on site on a day in the upcoming week. It had pricing and other contact info and worked fairly well.”

Those are good if you can target zip codes and there are some money mailer types, which will deliver only too Business Districts those kick butt. Try a chamber of commerce flyer insert. Those are amazing. Also Rotary Club and donate $3.00 for each oil change back the group, that works killer too. Also Churches, Retired Folks Promotion; Free Oil Change Day; they buy the filter. That works killer too.

Fifth caller on the radio talk show gets 3-free oil changes at their office, via Lube on Demand, announced during 10 Am listen while you work. Hell, you would not believe all the types of creative marketing we do. We go in a rock, no prisoners. In other words direct mail works in this venue and auto services sector, but do not limit your marketing to only one methodology. Consider this in 2006.